About Wallposters.dk

At Wallposters you will find both Scandinavian and European design posters created with the greatest joy and passion for artists from all over the world. We also offer stylish, high-quality frames that are easy to handle and hold up on the wall. ("Wallposters") is based in Denmark.

Products created of the best quality!

Our posters are printed on a 200g Semi-Gloss FSC-certified satin photo paper. The thickness of our prints increases durability and makes them perfect for hanging even without a frame. Quality and image reproduction are in a class of their own.

Most of the production takes place in Denmark in one of Denmark's best printing houses. We are always looking for art that can inspire us! We are constantly trying to expand our range of posters and frames! You are welcome to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for information about new products and competitions.

The customer's happiness makes us happy!

It is a great pleasure for us to see how our posters look in your home. Tag us in an Instagram photo with #Wallposters or @Wallposters or send a photo to Wallposters995@gmail.com ! We are constantly looking for inspiring images for our blog, Facebook profile, Instagram profile and our website.

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