In which situations can you return the goods?

1) Goods that are damaged during transport

If you suspect that your goods have been damaged during shipping, you can send us an email at immediately and attach a photo of the damaged packaging and the damaged product. We will contact you immediately to agree on the next step. Your email must be sent to within 48 hours of receipt. Complaints received after this period are not valid. You do not need to send the damaged goods back to us until otherwise agreed.

2) Dissatisfaction with goods?

Maybe your products don't fit into the interior of your home, or maybe it's not your style? It's no problem, just send your items back and we'll refund you the amount. Pack your items safely and securely (preferably in the original packaging) and send them to us!

If you choose to return the goods within 14 days, we will refund you for the cost of the goods and the lowest cost of delivery if it has been charged. After 14 days, we only refund the value of the goods. After 14 days, you only get the money back for the goods. Any shipping costs must be paid by you.

4) Received the wrong items or missing items in your order?

Have you received any other items than the ones you ordered? Are some items missing from your order? It can happen, and we apologize for it. Please send us a picture of the item you received at We will contact you as soon as possible to arrange more details!

5) Poor quality product?

Have you received a product in poor quality or a blurry image? Please send us a picture of the item you have received at so that we can contact you and make a further agreement.

6) How do you pack and return the goods?

If you are returning the goods, please ensure that they are packed securely so that they are not damaged in transit. Ideally, use the original packaging that came with the goods.

Along with the package, please send us an email to with information that you are returning the goods. Enter your name, order number and account number for which you want a refund.

We will return the money for the goods to you within 14 days of receiving the undamaged shipment at our supplier's warehouse.

Where should you return the goods?

Label the goods visibly and send them to the following address:
Zip code:

Are there any exceptions?

Items made to your request cannot be returned. Such goods can only be returned in the event of an obvious printing error or damage on our part. The exceptions are:

  • print your own photos on photo paper.

  • art print as needed on photo paper.

  • Custom framing

For more details, please read our Terms of Purchase.